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Duramax Marinisation

Marinisation is the conversion or engineering of engines for marine use. The 6.6L GM Duramax pictured here was the first documented attempt to marinise this platform back in 2007. Lately these engines are becoming an attractive option for the high performance marine enthusiasts. As the owner of that first conversion, lets take a moment to explore why.

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As a long time automotive performance enthusiast who grew up around boats, I've learned to appreciate a fine running marine setup. Going from zero to 140 on an asphalt quarter mile is one thing. Running 100mph in a boat for 40 miles or more is whole other level of performance. The first requires a finely tuned race car. While the second typicality starts with an engine or two costing more than a race car...

Since most of us don't have an unlimited budget to play with, I decided to put together this little site with some tips, tricks, and links I've gathered from other marine enthusiasts to help stretch your boating speeds and dollar.


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We offer custom ECU tuning, specialty product design and fabrication services. Along with custom rigging advice on powertrain conversion.

  • Marine Embedded Electronics
  • Custom Wiring Harness Assemblies
  • Specialty App Development
  • EFIlive and Other ECU Tuning
  • Custom Duramax Rigging Parts

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Needed somewhere to store bunch of stuff I've collected relating to go fast boats mods. The dot com address I really wanted was taken..

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